Brenda Woitalla Owner and Broker at Aspire Insurance Services, LLC
Owner/Broker, MN Lic.


I was born & raised in Central Minnesota. I have lived in the Brainerd Lakes Area since 2004. I have been doing Insurance for over 30 years since 1988. I specialize in health insurance, Medicare, MnSure, group health insurance, life insurance, dental & disability. I was happily married for 26 years and was widowed in 2019. I have been blessed with 2 stepchildren and 6 grandchildren that make my life full.

I can help you find the Insurance that fits best for your needs whether it is Medicare, MNSure, Group Insurance, Life or Health. My goal is to Aspire to be better each day and help make your life easier by showing you the best thing to do for your future.

Tina Gallant-Daiker/ Christina Daiker Licensed Broker at Aspire Insurance Services 218-831-3641
Broker, MN Lic.


I am a hometown girl working to educate our community about all of your Insurance options. After college I got married and raised my amazing daughter. I chose to stay local and remain close with my family in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area. While helping my parents transition into retirement, my mom began to suffer from Alzheimer’s dementia. My dad, a craftsman and machinists, had to learn to run the household from finances, to insurance and everything online.

Helping them made it painfully clear how impossible all of this would be for them without the help from someone they can trust. It is saddening to imagine the “what if’s” and all of the seniors out there, alone, without help. This is where I found the passion to help people unscramble Medicare and other Insurance programs like MNSure. I am licensed in Health, Life/Final Expenses, Accident/Disability and contracted with multiple providers so you can choose what is truly best for you.