Our job as Independent Brokers is not to sell you insurance; we are here to help you find the right insurance for the needs you have. With our services we will continue to follow up with you and help make sure as your needs change that so do your insurance plans. We are here to help everyone no matter your age; young adults to senior citizens we cover all stages of life. Our goal is to help guide you through the web of offerings and show you how to compare and ultimately select the best health insurance coverage for you!

Medicare and Prescription Plans (PDP-RX Plan)

Let the confusion begin, Medicare is a spiderweb but have no fear Aspire Insurance Services will help guide you through the process whether you are planning ahead or in the transition stages already. We help you sift through all of the information and make it easy to see what your next move is based on your individual situation. Once we have a focus of what is best for you we will take our experience and insight and go to work.

  • When do I sign up for Medicare?
  • What if I am still working and have employer coverage?
  • Will I be penalized if I delay my coverage?
  • How do I know which plan is right for me?

We can help you get answers to these questions in plain terms and lessen confusion. Representing many different insurance providers, our office has the flexibility to compare a number of Medicare options and present you with the plans that are most conducive for your individual situation.

You don’t have to pay any broker fees or consultation fees. There is no cost for having one of us as an agent. Our goal is to help you find what you need and you pay the insurance carrier, not us. We can help make navigating the process stress free. Contact us today so we can help you make insurance make sense.

LIFE INSURANCE 101 There are many different types of insurance, Life Insurance generally falls into two categories:

Term Life Insurance – provides for a specific period of time(the “term” if often 10,20 or 30 years). This makes sense when you need protection for a specific amount of time. Term life insurance is typically offers the most amount of coverage for the lowest initial premium, and is a good choice for those on a higher budget.

Permanent Life Insurance – provides lifelong protection for as long as you pay the premiums. It also provides “living benefits” like the ability to accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis, which you can tap into to help buy a home, cover an emergency expense and more. Because of these additional benefits, initial premiums are higher than what you’d pay for a term life insurance policy with the same coverage.

Sometimes a combination of term & permanent insurance is the best answer.


Final Expense Insurance is a whole life insurance policy meant to cover funeral expenses. These policies typically have payouts between $5,000 – $25,000 and don’t usually go higher than that. Having a final expense insurance policy in place can remove a lot of the burden placed on your family upon your death. Funeral expenses are rising extremely fast and policies themselves can be quite affordable. Another nice benefit is most people who apply will be approved to purchase a policy so now is the time to think about how much protection you’re seeking.


In response to the Affordable Care Act, individual and family health insurance policies continue to grow in complexity. With all of the information this leaves people overwhelmed and often choosing insurance out of panic and not picking a plan that best fits your needs for you and your family. There are too many variables to leave it up in the air, costing you more than you can afford or a plan that doesn’t fit your needs. At Aspire Insurance Services we offer insurance plan guidance to individuals and families who do not receive health coverage from their employer, or those who are self-employed, unemployed and even students. After a consultation we will shop a number of providers to obtain potential policies and present them to you for review.


Insuring your future and the future of your employees. Providing health benefits is one of the best ways to show appreciation for your employees. It helps ensure that your employees have access to the preventive care they may need to keep them healthy. In todays economy, offering an employer-sponsored health plan can be a struggle to find the balance between meeting your employees needs and staying within your budget. Here at Aspire Insurance we understand this difficulty and are here to help you find a happy medium while understanding the ins and outs of the ACA.


Let Aspire Insurance Services find you benefits that will make you smile!

Many disregard dental hygiene when thinking about overall health, but poor dental care can lead to a number of not-so-small health complications. Whether you are seeking dental coverage as a supplement to your existing health plan or looking to add dental to your employees’ benefits package, we can help find the right solution for you.

When considering dental coverage we can help answer the following questions:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How often can I receive cleanings?
  • What services are covered?
  • Which Dentist can I use?


We are committed to our clients for the long haul! Our job doesn’t begin and end at your enrollment we are committed to be here for the changing seasons of your life.

Like everything, health insurance changes overtime. This is why we want to become a partner with you, to walk you through the changes and keep your coverage up to date and effective for your needs. With no-cost annual reviews we can provide current information and help insure you don’t have a lapse in your coverage.

In good practice you should have an expert review your coverage at least once a year. Along with that, you should plan reviews when your family dynamics are changing (marriage, birth of a baby, separation or retirement). Maybe you are nearing Medicare eligibility or seeking individual coverage for the first time, Aspire Insurance Services not only helps you through the selection process, we are here to help answer all your questions as they arise.